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April 8, 2007

Switching From Mac to XP Home: Day 1

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[NOTE: This post was originally published April 8, 2007 @ 0:07 on my personal blog. It has been moved here to consolidate all my Apple-Related rants in one place.]

At 8:00pm, I started reformatting the 28GB hard drive on the Dell Inspiron 8200 that was given to me, figuring I’d be done by ten.

The XP Home installs, then reboots.

It recognizes everything except the modem and the wireless card. Not bad.

Then the Automatic Updates start. It downloads 29 updates, and reboots. It downloads 19 more updates, and reboots again.

At this point, it seem to be finished. It’s 10:15pm.

I downloaded Firefox, installed it, then Automatic Updates told me SP2 was ready to be installed.

Click… Microsoft Genuine Advantage. uhh, ok…. click.

I guess I pass because it then began downloading SP2. Downloading? I thought it was already downloaded, but that was just the downloader that downloaded. Now the downloader downloads and installs SP2, and reboots.

Windows tries again to find drivers for my hardware, and succeeds for my modem.

I shut down, flip the Dell over and unscrew the piece of plastic holding the wireless card, jot down the model number, replace the shield and reboot. A quick trip to Intel’s website and the wireless card woke up, found my network, and asked for my WEP.

Why didn’t Windows work this well when I was using it? I thought to myself. It would be the last time.

I decide to do a cold reboot. During the shut down process, I get the message: Windows is installing updates. Do not power off or unplug your computer. Computer will turn off automatically. Installing 1 of 19. Ten minutes later, the 8200 turned off.

I rebooted.

Then Windows Update starts downloading 51 more updates. At #51 it stops and asks for my Windows Genuine Advantage Executive Washroom Key again, then starts downloading and installing IE7.

Then it reboots again, then downloads two more updates, then reboots again.

It’s now after midnight and I still don’t have ad-aware or AVG Free installed, but it will have to wait. For now, I’m hugging my Mac and going to bed.


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