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April 9, 2007

Switching From Mac to XP Home: Day 2

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[NOTE: This post was originally published April 9, 2007 @ 11:31 on my personal blog. It has been moved here to consolidate all my Apple-Related rants in one place.]

After a nice Sunday Brunch at Ivar’s on Peir 54, I spent most of the afternoon window shopping with my lovely bride so I didn’t get around to the laptop until 8:00pm again.

I pressed the button and the Dell-Inspiron-8200-with-a-fresh-install-of-XP-Home-and-Firefox came to life. As soon as the cursor appeared on the screen, it began to drift. Very slowly it drifted up and to the right.

Windows finished loading, but it I had no control over the mouse… and then, I did. Weird.

I opened Firefox and typed Ad-Aware into the Google search box. There goes the cursor, again. Drifting very slowly up and to the right.

The touchpad got me nowhere. The “eraser” became a fight. As soon as I stopped pulling it down, it would drift. Every click was a click-drag. I kept moving icons and drawing squares.

After a two minute battle, trying to get to the Start Button, I shutdown and restart.

After Windows loaded the second time, the cursor was acting normal. I moved it over to Firefox, tapped the pad, and it loaded. I typed in and tapped the pad again.

I enter my username and password, click the left mouse button – and the cursor ZOOMS down and to the left. Nothing I do will pull it more than an inch from the corner.

I attach an external mouse and have a battle royale with the Dell. Eventually, it relinquished control of the cursor, but not before I lost my patience with the whole thing.

Twenty-one days until my Mac goes in a box.


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