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April 13, 2007

Switching From Mac to XP Home: Day 3 – Uncontrollable Mouse and an iTunes Dilemma

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[NOTE: This post was originally published April 13, 2007 @ 16:52 on my personal blog. It has been moved here to consolidate all my Apple-Related rants in one place.]

After a three day hiatus from the switch to prepare for my big move, I was finally ready to get AVG installed.

Upon boot up, Windows reminds me that I do not have AV software and that five more updates were available for my computer. The updates took about 90 seconds to download and 30 to install. Reboot.

Windows reminds me once more that I do not have AV software. So I begin downloading AVG. While it downloads, I add a new tab button to Firefox and set the tab bar to always show.

Then the mouse drifting started. Remembering last time, I plugged in a USB Mouse. Everything returns to normal for about three clicks.

The pointer resumes drifting very hard to the top-right but the eraser can pull it down.

I struggle with the eraser to pull up Dell’s website and find the “Alps GlidePoint/StickPointer Driver”. I give up on the pointer and hit the tab 47 times to downloaded it.

For no reason, during the download, the external mouse gained control of the pointer so I opened a few tabs. I started downloading Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and iTunes before losing control of the pointer again. AVG was still downloading.

One by one they finished, except AVG. Pushing the eraser with all my strength, I ran the pointer driver installer. I switched over to keyboard to do the actual install.

It needs to reboot. AVG is still downloading. I hit Pause and start to close Firefox, which tells me if I close I’ll have to start my download over. I make a mental note to find a “resume download” plug-in, and quit.

Reboot. Before windows even finished loading the pointer was moving up and right.

Two more reboots to disable the trackpad in the BIOS (it was a cryptic choice and I guessed wrong on the first try) and the USB mouse was working like a champ, but the network went down leaving me without internet access.

This is not the fault of the laptop, but of my landlord. It’s still down as I write this.

When it comes back up, I still need to figure out what I’m going to do about iTunes. I have about 60GB of iTunes on my Mac. I backup the internal 160GB drive to an external 160GB Firewire/USB drive with SuperDuper on a pretty regular basis. The Inspiron 8200 has a firewire port. Is there a freeware way to use the Mac formated drive with this Dell? If so, is there a way to share the iTunes library? Can I sync my iPod to a shared library if they are on the same iTunes account?

I didn’t think setup would take this long. My Mac goes in a box in two weeks and the Dell isn’t even close to being ready to use. Will I be ready in time?


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