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April 26, 2009

3rd Generation iPhone? My money is on June 26, 2009. [Updated 4X]

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Apple’s annual World Wide Developer’s Conference kicks off June 8. Expected topics of conversation include Snow Leopard and iPhone OS 3.0. What is also expected is new hardware announcements. My call? A solid release date for new models of iPhones (including a 32GB Model), a vague release window for Snow Leopard (“This Fall” or “In October”), and if there is any new hardware at all, it won’t be announcement worthy – just a few bumps in memory or hard drive space on existing models. (That’s right. No mini-tower Mac, No Tablet, No netbook.)

[UPDATE: June 3 Apple updates much of the line with no fanfare whatsoever.]

Also, I expect Steve Jobs to be a No Show.

[UPDATE: May 13: CONFIRMED! Phil Schiller will be giving the keynote]

So… if new iPhones are announced at the Jobs-less Keynote on June 8, when can we expect to have one in our grubby hands?
I’m calling the last Friday in June. Does ANYONE disagree? I didn’t think so.

Beware any “analyst” who suddenly gets a report of parts shortages and/or FCC hang-ups. Many are just seeking page hits and some are even shorting the stock. Always consider the source. Investigate an analyst’s history with Apple predictions before believing anything they say.

Of course… the price of any company’s stock is based on perception, not reality. I’m predicting the rumors will start swirling the last week of May
but will die down immediately following WWDC 2009. Things will remain quiet until about a week before the announced iPhone launch date (I’m calling June 26). Then, expect a doozy of a rumor. Repeat for the announced Snow Leopard release date. Invest accordingly.

[UPDATE: The iPhone 3GS will ship June 19 – missed by six days.]

[Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m talking about and if you follow my investing advice you will end up penniless.]

P.S. I hope I’m wrong on the tablet and the mini-tower, but I doubt it.]


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