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March 31, 2009

One Week Left for MacHeist 3 Bundle, Cro-Mag Rally Added!

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I didn’t buy into the first one (it seemed scammish) nor the second (I was only interested in one app), but this time I couldn’t resist the MacHeist Bundle.

Twenty-five percent is going to charity, the developers participating are getting a far cut this go round, and besides… I wanted four of the apps in the bundle. On the surface, it would seem silly to buy a bundle of apps when I couldn’t care less about 75% of them – but the discount on the four I want make it worth it. Everyone I speak to feels the same way: Only interested in a few, but holy cow! What a bargain!

The four apps I’m interested in are (in order): BoinxTV, Kenemac, SousChef, and iSale.

As of this writing, BoinxTV has not been unlocked. It’s the app I want the most. I have been dreaming of a Video Toaster replacement since the death of the Amiga and have been drooling over BoinxTV since it’s late beta stages. If the MH bundle was only this app and a pile of shovelware, I’d have still bought it.

The thought of not getting this one unlocked seems so disappointing that even the incredible bargain on the other 3 apps wasn’t enough to make me jump at the deal. It wasn’t until 20,000 bundles that I jumped in, and it’s currently @ 29,930. I am sweating the countdown.

I have been playing with Blender because I can’t afford Shake and/or Motion, but the learning curve is so steep on the UI that even if I just wanted to do some simple animations, there’s a wall climb first. The only advice the “experts” ever give is to keep practicing until you memorize all the key combos.


I’d not heard of Kinemac before, but my jaw dropped as I watched the demo. The first thing I did was delete the 500MB of “Blender Basics” training material I’ve been avoiding for months.

I’ve been looking for a good recipe organizer since the Apple IIe. I never found one. I played around with MacGourmet but when my hard drive crashed I didn’t reinstall it. SousChef looked interesting to me, but I wasn’t quite sure enough to drop cash on it – and you really can’t tell from demos as much as developers and software geeks like to believe (which is why I never really decided on MacGourmet).

Now I own a copy and I don’t have to worry about how many times I’ve launched the app or how long I have before I can no longer procrastinate putting it through it’s paces.

I’ve been contemplating an iSale/Agent Craig combo for a while, but I don’t buy and sell enough to justify it. I tried to win a copy of Agent Craig on one of MacHeist’s nanoMissions, but never got farther than finding these pix:

Is that all?
I’m enjoying WireTap Pro and World of Goo. I never would have bought either one of them, but WTP is so useful and WoG is so fun that I will definately look to these developers in the future. I’m also downloading Cro-Mag Rally, which was added to the bundle today. Pangea won me over with Enigmo. I can’t wait to play this game.

What a Bargain!
Just the four apps should cost me $567.95. I’m getting 92% off. Even if BoinxTV doesn’t get unlocked it’s $368.95 for $39! How good of a deal did YOU get? How many apps interested you?


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